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Lehenga Choli

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Get a Gorgeous look by Wearing Lehenga Choli in these Wedding Seasons

Lehenga is a form of Indian subcontinent skirt which is long, embroidered and pleated. Today we have number of pattern and style in lehenga choli. This is an outfit which a bride can also wear and those can also wear who has to attend the function and party. If we talk about the history the ancient version of skirt or ghagri evolved from Bhairnivasani, which in turn evolved from the antariya when slitched on one side became tabular and was worn gathered together at the waist, and held by a girdle.

Lehenga is one of the dresses which are wearied in every wedding by bride as well as the relatives. When the wedding season starts everyone has seen shopping for wedding clothes. Lehenga is an outfit which holds traditional significance on India rituals and customs. Lehenga is also known for its sheer elegance, royalty and charming appeal. Lehenga choli is the top choose for the women to wear in any function.

Lehenga basically comprises of three elements that are- a lower skirt termed as Ghaghara, a blouse called choli and a dupatta. Now as the fashion is changing in much way, the styling of the lehenga is also changing. You can get various kind of lehenga based on the style. You can get a large variety of it online also in affordable prices. Now a day you can go for lehenga saree also which gives lehenga and saree look both.

Types of lehenga Choli

Here is a wide range of lehenga based on the style and pattern.

Fish Cut Lehenga

These lehenga has the skirt that is fitted from the waist till the knees from where it follows a free giving the look of a fishtail. Such lehenga style is majority suited for ladies with slim waist and small hips. You can war it to wedding sangeet.

Straight Cut Lehengas

All the women prefer this type of lehenga as they compliment almost all body types. It is like a wrap round skirt that falls straight from the waist to the Hamline. It has slits on both the side. The lehenga which patch work and embroidery are look more stunning and amazing. This outfit looks best with deep neck blouse and matching jewelry.

Mermaid Lehengas

This lehenga is best for the women who have curvaceous figure. It is snug fit till the knees accentuates the curves and flares out from the knees till bottom increases gracefully.

Panelled Lehengas

The women who have heavier side of weight they can go for this paneled lehenga. It is made up of numerous panels. This lehenga type lends a slimming effect to the wearer and also creates a beautiful flare.

Circular Lehenga

These types of lehenga appear beautiful with their flares and complete its beauty with broad flares and the great volume.

A-line Lehengas

In this the cut start from the waist and continues to end till the hem in an A form. The women having pearl shaped figure can opt is lehenga

Lehenga choli is the traditional dress which is worn in wedding by bride or any of us. This gives a different charm to the one who is wearing it. This gives a traditional as well as stylish look.