My Accound & Order

1. Do I need to register to

No, it’s not mandatory to register yourself to shop on You can shop unlimited with us by login as guest. However, we suggest you to create an account with us. This would help you to store your information with us and you do not have to enter your details every time you shop with us.

2. Why Shopkund always suggest to create an account with us.
  • ➤ For quickly and easily manage your orders and to have latest updated form us.
  • ➤ You will also be eligible to receive ongoing discounts and offers
3. Any charges apply while registering on Shopkund

No, there are no registration charges applicable for creating an account with us. It is absolutely free of cost.

4. If I am unable to login in to account, what should I do to resolve this?.

If you have trouble logging in, please follow these instructions:

  • ➤ Check your login details. Your login username is the e-mail address you used for registration.
  • ➤ Please make sure that your web browser accepts cookies.
  • ➤ If you have forgotten your password, reset your password using the ‘Forgot your Password’ 
  • ➤ If you are still unable to access your account, please write us your query at and indicate the problem. We will assign you with a new password, and you can change it once you log in.

Please note that sometimes the problem might be caused due to system maintenance at our end. In such a case, please wait for 30 minutes and try again.

5. Should I be worried about the privacy of my personal details I have shared with Shopkund?

A. Do not worry at all! We are absolutely committed to safeguarding your personal information. The personal information collected is done to enable us to send you the products you have ordered and to validate your identity, as well as to provide us with a way to get in touch with you if the need should arise. We follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information which you have given us, to prevent unauthorized access. We do not pass on, trade or sell your personal information to anyone. In case you need more details please go through our PRIVACY POLICY

6. In case I forget my password, what should I do?

Do not get panic and follow the simple steps to retain/reset your password:

  • ➤ Click on ‘login’ on the top left middle of the Shopkund homepage.
  • ➤ Click on the Forgot your Password link displayed on the page. 
  • ➤ Enter your registered e-mail id and you will receive a link to reset your password in your mailbox.
7. If I do not shop for 3 months on Shopkund, would the Shopkund account be deleted?

No. Your account will not get deleted. You can shop on our site anytime.

8. Shall I be informed once the order has been placed by me?

Yes, once your order is confirmed, we will send you the order id and tracking details via E-mail

9. Shall I be informed once my order is processed?

Sit back and relax! Once your order is confirmed and processed, you will receive a shipment notification via E-mail. You can also TRACK ORDER online

10. How I can track my Order?

Click on the tracking link you have received from Shopkund and get the real status of your order

11. Why there is so much delay in my order?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, it is possible that your order might get delayed but we would like to request you to keep patience we will send you an E-mail informing you about the delay along with the new expected delivery date.

12. Do I have to pay the shipping charges?

All charges have been mentioned on the product page


13. What is the mode of payment for shopping on Shopkund?
  • ➤ Debit Card
  • ➤ Net Banking
  • ➤ PayPal
14. What about COD (Cash On Delivery)?

Sorry! We do not offer COD (Cash on Delivery).

15. Can I use my Debit Card for availing EMI option on my purchase?

Our aim is to provide our customers with the best shopping experience. Unfortunately, we do not have the option of EMI using debit card at this point in time. However, you can place your orders using Credit Card.

16. Can I order a product that is 'Out of Stock'?

Unfortunately, products listed as 'Out of Stock' are not available for sale.

17. Does Shopkund save card details?

Don’t worry!! We do not save card detail

18. What happen when my transaction will get failed but my money was deducted from my account?

Don’t worry!! We always keep an eagle eye on these issues. If your money has not reached us, it will surely be refunded back to your account