We at Shopkund, respect your privacy. We want our customers and site visitors to remain safe due to which we have a very strict and stringent privacy policy. Our privacy policy has been designed in such a manner that one should feel safe and not bothered by any unsolicited interference. All our practices aim us to stay transparent, accountable and preserving your personal information which is strictly followed in order to provide you memorable shopping experience across our platform. We completely recognize your need of confidentiality and are committed to protect the same. We promise that we don’t share any personal information of our buyers, customers or visitors at individual level to any third party existing in the market.

As per privacy guidelines, we make sure that we follow all the legal laws and boundaries marked by judicial proceedings. There may be a scenario wherein we are asked to provide customer’s personal information required by legal law and under that case, we promise to provide and respond to those queries within legal boundaries. We may collect your personal information such as name, address of the visitor or any email address which is not shared with anyone rather the information is used to make your shopping experience that you can cherish. Furthermore, this personal information is used to deliver newsletters printed by us in order to keep you update with our new offerings.

We further declare that we may share any non-personal information, statistical or demographic information at aggregate level with our marketing affiliates, partners and advertising channels. We notify that we may use cookies in order to help you tracking your shopping cart in order to personalize your experience. We notify you that cookies are very small files placed by website on visitor’s hard drive to store information about the session. Cookies do not harm your personal computers and do not cause any breach of information. We also declare that we have every right to change or update our privacy policy at any point of time by putting a prior notice at our website.