The origin of Anarkali suits or salwar suit is India. And when we talk about India and origination of one textile style, it means it is about the ‘Bharat’ (complete Indo-region) before 1947 or the partition. It was the time of Mughal rule when the rulers looted a lot but also provided some eloquent textile styles and incredible historical structures (such as Taj Mahal).

Mughal dynasty had another gem, whose name was Anarkali, a famous court dancer. She typically used to wear a salwar suit and a translucent veil for her face. After the tragic end of her story, her dressing style quite became the talk among the women. She was definitely a beautiful maiden and her gorgeous dress gradually became the talk of the designers as well. Muslim women started to wear this gorgeous salwar suit style in their auspicious occasions and after quite a time, this dress has become an indigenous part of Hindu culture and Indian as well.

The dress inherited its name from its famous wearer – Anarkali and since then,Anarkali suits can be found in every Indian woman’s fashion wardrobe. One of the most common reasons for being Anarkali suits so popular among women of all age groups is its comfort quotient.It is neither too gaudy like lehenga choli nor too complicated like saree.This is a perfect combination of a salwar suit and a lehenga choli.It preserves the elegancy of salwar suits and marvellousness of lehengas and this is the reason why many women still choose to wear a designer Anarkali suit to a wedding occasion or auspicious occasions.

Beautiful Craftsmanship In Indian Anarkali Suits

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The variety of Indian traditional and old age work patterns is not unknown to us.From Gota Patti work to kalamkari,all are the indigenous works that are found in Indian traditional dresses.If you are buying online salwar suits,there is a shining chance that you are selecting one of the 100 years old work patterns.

To add more practicality,designers have now brought us georgette Anarkali suits, which are light in weight and also quite easy to wear.To suit the choice of more and more women,they are now available in beautiful printed designs as well.Find online floral printed Anarkali suits with pretty churidar salwars and net dupatta at Shopkund at an affordable price.

Inception Of Anarkali Style 

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There is also a huge factor which devoted a huge number of the popularity of Anarkali suits among Indian women in pre-independence time (before 1947).At that time,the importation of georgette became a huge financial burden over the British government and they decided to utilise Indian fabrics such as cotton and silk.They also relished the elegancy of Anarkali gowns and this spread the beauty of Anarkali afterwards.

Later,georgette was introduced by a French lady and now we all rejoice georgette Indian clothing on a huge scale.The fabric is easy to wash and very easy to take care of.

There is another very popular fabric in Anarkali suits – chiffon. Chiffon Anarkali suits and art silk Anarkali suits are the choices of modern Indian women as they absorb sweat and don’t look messy even during a humid environment.Thus chiffon and art silk Anarkali suits are very well known as wedding outfits.

From the serene clothing style of nainsook to modern silk Indian bridal suits,Anarkali suits have covered a long way since its inception.