Days and years passed by and till this date Indian designers are pouring their best creative faculty to bring modern and more practical Indian garment or Indian dresses. Though the audience is now more widened up to accept different types of dresses, Indian traditional garments have always saved a special spot in every Indian woman’s and man’s heart. These garments have found new looks from variegated fabrics, colours or dyes, designs, styles and work patterns based on India’s incredible cluster of regions where different cultures & religions are thriving. 

Be it Indian sarees or salwar suits or lehenga cholis, they all carry an emotional thread from the old designs. Let’s have a look at some perfect Indian dresses that suit every woman of all ages. 

Silk Sarees

Light Green Silk Saree Online UK

Saree has been one of the most versatile dresses among women and girls. Be it any profession a woman holds, her age group, ethnicity, religion, culture, body shape or colour, a saree has proven it to be the most versatile dress in the world. One of the most luxurious types of saree is silk saree, which are stocked for special occasions such as wedding, birthdays, high-collar event and so on. Get kanjeevaram sarees or Kanchipuram sarees for a bright aura around. Women prefer to buy Banarasi sarees to attend wedding events; even bridal sarees are mostly Banarasi sarees. 

Cotton Sarees

Cotton & Silk Saree Collection UK

Speaking of versatility, cotton sarees have always topped the list as they can be worn almost at any occasion and time of the year. Due to the natural fabrication, they require the least maintenance except proper ironing and starching whenever you are wearing. They can be easily dyed and thus, available in various colours and hues. Due to its rough texture, designs and work patterns can be easily created and thus available in much variety. 

Lehenga Choli

Orange Embroidered Lehenga choli UK

Lehenga choli is one of the favourite Indian traditional dress among young women and millennial ladies. Lehenga choli is a combination of three pieces – blouse or choli, dupatta and a traditional skirt. Nowadays, this Indian garment is available in various blouse and skirt designs; for instance, cape style lehenga choli, layered lehenga choli, jacket style lehenga choli, A-line lehenga choli, etc. 

Indowestern Dresses

Black embroidered Gown Dress UK

As its name suggests, Indowestern dresses is a pretty combination of Indian dresses and western styles. So, this Indian disguise has been embraced by mostly Generation Z and X. Easy to carry, wear and stylish as well, Indo-western dresses beautifully fulfil the modern requirements in a busy environment or formal spaces. Dresses such as denim sarees, pant style sarees, short Anarkali top with cigarette pants capture perfectly the beauty of modern Indian garments. 

Anarkali Suits

Yellow Anarkali Suit Online UK

Another hit on the list is Anarkali suit, which has been among the favourites of women dresses since the Mughal era. A traditional Anarkali kurti is quite long and goes till ankles but modern days Anarkali kurtis can be found in short or medium length as well, satisfying the requirement modern women dressing.