The saree is the most popular traditionally garment in India. This Indian traditional attire has influenced many fashion designers across the world. Check out the vast spread facts about the Indian wedding sarees:

1. Not just an uncut piece of cloth

The saree has evolved a lot since its inception and now, it comes in various forms. An Indian saree comes with heavy border and pallu section so that it can be draped properly.

2. A sari can be worn in more than 100 ways

Just google – ‘how to wear a saree’ and you will get amazing results and hundreds of ways to wear it. This makes the Indian traditional attire really amazing to choose among other Indian dresses. With ways of wearing, you can also get many other types of wearing tips to drape it perfectly. Some of the famous types of saree draping styles are:

•    Nivi saree

•    Bengali saree style

•    Maharashtrian saree style

•    and etc.

3. Requires zero safety pins

Except for a novice, a sari wearer requires almost zero safety pins. Indeed, safety pins provide extra secure feeling but on the other side, there is no compulsion to use them. You can also avoid using them which will otherwise make sarees extra rigid and hard to use.

4. Saree can be worn by everyone

Wearing saree has become popular when the women get to know that they can be worn with any shape, size, complexion and ethnicity. Be it any occasion or mood, different types of sarees are ready to spiff up the gist. Due to the price variation, saree also maintains the socio-economic balance among households with women.

5. Supports millions of Indian handloom weavers

According to the Textile Ministry Annual Report 2016 survey, the industry of saree has employed almost 11 million Indian weavers.

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