No matter how simple or grand an Indian sari is, if it is draped right, a woman can look like the most stunning creation on the earth. In fact, saree is the only garment that can be draped in many styles, each unique from the other. Saree draping is tricky and complex, especially when it is cotton or silk. For instance, to get the perfect wedding bride look and feel, professional drapers often iron the pleats of the Kanchipuram silk saree (both pallu and waist) in South Indian weddings.

You may wonder whether the saree you brought will suit you or not. Saree styling is an art, and you could use some of our artistry tips to make the draping easy and attain the glamorous and sensuous look.

Pleating is the Most Important Thing in Draping

Ironing the pleats is pretty much an example that shows how important professionals think saree pleats are. Sarees are loose 6-yard fabrics that stand out because of the manner they are pleated at the waist. Each saree has to be pleated in a different pattern. For instance, the silk saree pleats should be broad and angled, while the georgette and chiffon saree pleats need to be little loose and closely packed.

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Where You Tie the Saree at the Waist Matters a Lot

Where you tie the saree at the waist can change the entire dynamics of your appearance. The saree should never be tied above the navel, no matter how defined or undefined your hip is. Whether you have love handles or perfect, flat abs, you should keep the waistline of the saree just an inch below the belly button, and not any further.

The Footwear will Steal the Show

Wedges are a total no-no when it comes to choosing the right footwear for your saree. Different sarees require different footwear, agreed, but if you want your ‘hips don’t lie’, wear heels. You will find the difference in the arch of your back dramatic. Heels will also tune your walk and make it more attractive. If you already have a perfect booty (read 100 hundred squats a week) and long legs, just like Katrina Kaif or Kangana Ranaut, you can wear flats. Yet again, try to stick to joothis and bellies. Don’t wear platforms or wedges. Also, don’t worry about the inches; simple 2-inch heel sandals will also do the work.

The Level of the Saree could Make You be a Show Stopper

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From where it starts and where it ends are the two keys for a flawlessly draped saree. The level of the saree or even lehenga can make or break the deal. Trust us on this. Therefore, always wear your footwear before draping the saree, so that you can ensure that the lower border of the saree slightly grazes the ground. At the farthest, you can show the tip of your toenails or one inch of your sandals. A high-tied saree will surely take away the elegance of this Indian dress.

This guideline will help you drape your saree to near perfection. We will be sharing more saree draping tips in the coming weeks. So keep us on your tab.