Knowing your body type and the kind of fabric, color, and pattern that’ll suit you will solve 80% of your shopping problems with regards to Anarkali suits or any Indian dress for that matter. Knowing the body type will also reduce your return and exchange time when shopping wedding Anarkali suits online. If you know your figure well and the kind of fabric or design that looks best on it, you will be able to pick an outfit just by looking at it.

So, here’s how the fashion world defines each body type. Hope this will make your work easy and help you choose the right pick.

Knowing Your Body for a Perfect Wedding Indian Dress

Knowing your body is very important when getting the wedding dress done. While good designers help you choose the right one, when you are shopping online you have to be your own stylist. So, here goes the list of tips.

P.S. – Remember that your designer Anarkali suit and accessories should complement your body’s outer figure line and that’s how you should choose a dress.

Bottom Half is Curved and Top Half is Curved

If your bottom half is curved and so is your upper half, your body will have certain features like round face, slender and defined waist, lustrous thighs, and curved chest, shoulders, and hips.

Suggested dress pattern: Lehengas that highlights your waistlines, curved necklines, frills, gatherings and pleats, fitted sleeves or dolman sleeves, and soft collars for a collared blouse or choli.

Bottom Half is Straight and Top Half is Straight

Your body may highlight certain features if you have a straight body without any curves. They include straight, military shoulders, flat, log kind waist, straight legs (read lanky and flat), straight shoulders and ribs, and an angular face.

Suggested dress pattern: By lehengas and Anarkali suits that have angular or square necks, vertical or horizontal detailing, fitted sleeves, and medium fitting kurta. Patiala salwar, jodhpurs pants, and Punjabi bottoms will match well.

Bottom Half is Curved and Top Half is Straight

When you have a curvy top but a flat and straight bottom, you may display the following features: an angular face, straight and broad shoulders, curvy and defined thighs and waistline, broad but flat ribs, and big hips.

Suggested dress pattern: Shop for Wedding Anarkali suits online that have more details on the top than on the bottoms, such as square and angular patterns. The suit should highlight your curves and fall softly on your hips and thighs. Heavy embroidery tops on a flowy georgette material should be a perfect choice.

Bottom Half is Straight and Top Half is Curved

If your bottom half is flat and undefined and the top half is voluminous, you may display certain features like rounded face, undefined waistline, straight legs, small buttocks, curved shoulders, straight hips, and heavy ribs.

Suggested dress pattern: Go for rounded curved necklines, soft designs on the top, fitted sleeves, and medium embroidery on the chest. A vertical or horizontal design would suit for the bottom half.

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So, next time you see yourself in the mirror, observe your curves and body line and then shop for your clothes.