Anarkalis have been favourite of Indian women and girls since the time of its inception, the Mughal era. In the court of Akbar, Anarkali was the royal dancer and whose dress was afterwards got popular in the name of Anarkali. This dress has a beautiful flare and gorgeous multiple pleats. In general, this dress is available till ankle length but nowadays, the fashion stigma has changed and due to the emergence of many fashion designers from different corners of the world, we can now see a variety number of Anarkali dresses, Anarkali suits and even, gowns. 

Well, today, we will be discussing the best and lesser known types of Anarkali suits or dresses and why they are so popular among the fashion forward women.  

This kind of Anarkali suits is quite popular among college going women and who are attending a quick formal event. As its name suggests, this type of Pakistani dress is short from the front and longer from the back side, makes it look a little bit irregular. 

Maroon Anarkali Suit UK - Shopkund

Style Tip: Wear Asymmetrical Anarkali salwar kameez with long earrings such as tear drop earrings, jhumkis or chandelier earrings, giving a contrast to the dress’s irregular look. 

Just add more layers to the front of an asymmetrical suit and the style you will get is known as layered Anarkali suits. These suits can have more than just one layer and if there are more than three layers, after a time, you can’t see the irregularity between the front and back side of the dress. These dresses are best worn during wedding functions, fashion shows and similar. 

Wedding Anarkali Suits - Shopkund

Style Tip: You can count them as one of the best wedding suits and can be worn with lavish jhumkis, maang tikka and if you wish, you can ditch necklace.