Saree is a beautiful nine-yard fashion story in every woman’s life. From being a cheery on the top in every occasion to daily wear in every Indian household, saree has been cherished since the days of its inception. Today, Indian designers experiment with contemporary designs and styles and Indo-western fashion ideas. Modern women can now enjoy denim sarees, designer sarees, georgette sarees, Indo-western sarees, dhoti sarees, pant styles, traditional Banarasi sarees with amazing work patterns and much more. 

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Sarees carry a long story since its foundation and from no-blouse to plain blouse to designer blouse, the complete dress has a long evolution chart. Let’s get started to know more about the evolution of Indian traditional sarees.

1. More Than Just A Handwoven Cloth 

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Saree is an unstitched fabric or an uncut piece of cloth, draped systematically as per the fashion statement of different Indian states. The border of a saree or sari is hemmed and have a heavier density to stay in place. Usually a pallu the end part of this uncut cloth and come with the magnificent work patterns, defining the beauty of the saree. One can keep it long or short as per their like and desire.  

2. Evolution Of Fabric Usage

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The most conventional fabric used in the making of saree is cotton and silk. The inception of synthetic fabric in the making of saree came after the period of British colonialism period. Later, the designer and saree manufacturers started using contemporary materials including georgette, chiffon and other synthetic fibres. 

After the introduction of synthetic fabric sarees, the cost variation becomes a huge topic of discussion. Now everyone could have bought saree and collect them as per the occasion, they have in their mind. Whereas cotton sarees require more attention and care such as starching, ironing, etc., synthetic sarees never acclaimed to be delicate and can be worn on any occasion and environment.  

Nowadays, women can buy sarees in various fabrics; with a mixture of silk and cotton, art silk, chiffon, satin silk sarees, etc. 

3. 100 Ways To Wear Or Drape

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Just search for ‘how to wear a saree’ and you will get hundreds of ways to wear Indian traditional sari. On the top of ‘how to drape a saree’, you can get more tips to get a similar look with jewellery and accessories (including designer saree blouse, petticoat, hairdo, etc.). The most common way to wear a saree is the ‘Nivi’ drape. But as we change the Indian state, we can get a look of a different way to wear a saree.  

The different styles of draping a sari are regionally specific and based on the comfort factor as per the environment of that place. From Bengali style saree to Maharashtrian style saree, saree has earned different looks by the stylish drape that has been given by its wearers. The modern women have given it so many different looks including pant style sarees, which is worn with pants or leggings instead of petticoat or skirt; dhoti style sarees, which is worn with a pair of dhotis instead of the petticoat.