While you may have shopped your Eid Anarkali dress for the coming festival, you may have forgotten to prep it up. And it is our job to remind you that while you have lovely eid Anarkali dresses for women in our collection which you can shop from us anytime, you must take time to accessorize it with the right jewelry, footwear, and makeup to make the month-long festival one of the best memories of 2021.

How many of you agree to this that Eid anarkalis spark a light in our eyes more than the rest of the Anarkali collections? Well that’s the magic of festivities, right?

While that is true, we often forget to take care of the other stuff that enhances the look of the clothes, such as the right accessories.

Today we will talk about the most needed accessories that help flaunt eid Anarkali suits a little more.

What Adds Charm to an Anarkali Suit

While Eid anarkalis are a grand affair in themselves, you cannot run the show with just the outfit. Here is a list of things you can invest in for your Eid collection 2021.

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Jhumkas look great on Anarkali dresses. Did you know jhumkis are one of the most-shopped jewellery for Eid? While gold is the best choice for jhumkas, you can also choose to wear stone jhumkis instead. Buy a pair that dominates your face, rather than the dress. For instance, go for long, round jhumkas if you have a short neck and chubby cheeks.

Right Hair Style

When was the last time you had a haircut? Well, if the answer is more than six months ago, then go to a good salon and style your hair for your Anarkali. We are no expert in hairstyles, but we can assure you that good hair can make a dress even more appealing. However, here are some tips we gathered from a stylist friend:

  • Fish and French braids look awesome on anarkalis, provided you have long hair.
  • Waves always come handy when you don’t know what to do. They look pretty good on Indian clothing.
  • If you want an Indian look, try an updo and complete your look with heavy jhumkas.


Wear a necklace only if your dress is not heavily embroidered on the top. Don’t wear anything around the neck, if your neck is closed or collared. Chokers are great options if you have a slender neck.


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Listen up people, do not ignore the footwear if you wear about to. Please recite the word every day until you buy yourself a pair for your eid Anarkali dress. They can make or break the deal. Stilettoes are quite sensual and ideal footwear for anarkalis but if you cannot wear one, complement your dress with at least an inch high heels.

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